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Model 7515A

The Model 7515A is a medium-energy, low voltage, capacitor discharge type magnetizer, capable of saturating all Alnico and Barium Ferrite magnetic materials. The Model 7515A is easily adapted to a wide range of production and laboratory magnetizing requirements. A modern solid-state electronic control circuit, coupled with a rugged, heavy-duty discharge SCR and fixture, make this magnetizer a highly reliable, low maintenance unit. The electronic voltage control circuit prevents the Model 7515A from being discharged before the preset energy level has been reached, avoiding incomplete magnet saturation. An easy to read front panel meter monitors the capacitor voltage. The energy storage level can be easily changed in the field. Simplified fixture design and fabrication are made possible by the low operating voltage (425 volts maximum). Integral electrical interlock and fail-safe circuitry provide a high degree of operator safety.


Three modes of operation are available (switch selectable):

  • Auto Charge to Preset Level, Push to Discharge
  • Push to Charge, Auto Discharge at Preset Level
  • Push to Charge, Push to Discharge
  • Energy Levels from 380 to 2,800 Joules
  • Saturation of Alnico & Ceramic Magnetic Material
  • High Speed Production Operation
  • Wide Variety of Fixtures Available
  • Low Voltage – 425 Volts Maximum Voltage
  • Adjustable from 50 to 425 Volts
  • Self Contained Benchtop Cabinet
  • Magnetizing Currents to 10,000 Amps

The Model 7515A Magnetizers, with proper fixtures, are capable of saturating a wide range of sizes and configurations of permanent magnet assemblies, including: PM motors, loudspeakers, linear actuators, magnetrons, TWT magnets, torque motors, relays, multi-pole timing motors, etc. The magnetizing fixture transforms the capacitor-stored energy (discharged as a current) into magnetizing energy (a pulsed magnetic field.) Fixtures are designed to provide the field shape, direction, and intensity to accommodate a specific magnet. Fixtures that simulate certain magnetic circuits are available. Both air core and steel core fixtures are commonly used.

Power Requirements: 115 or 230 VAC 50/60Hz

Energy Level & Capacitor Recharge Times: (Please specify at time of order)

ModelEnergy Level  (Watt Seconds)* Charge Time  (To 425 VDU)AmperageWeight (Net)
7515A-1380315 Amps140 lb (63.5 kg)
7515A-2775315 Amps143 lb (64.9 kg)
7515A-31,080415 Amps145 lb (65.8 kg)
7515A-41,350420 Amps148 lb (67.1 kg)
7515A-52,200520 Amps150 lb (68.0 kg)
7515A-62,800520 Amps155 lb (70.3 kg)

* The times listed here are capacitor recharge times to 425 VDC. Lower voltages will produce faster recharge times, however, actual cycle times may vary depending on fixture cooling requirements.

Typical Peak Magnetizing Forces: Peak H will depend on the impedance of the charging fixture. Magnetizing forces as high as 50,000 Oersteds can be achieved.

Magnetizing Pulse Characteristics
The rise time to the peak and overall pulse width will depend on the fixture impedance and the capacitance of the magnetizer.


Height: 19 in (48.3cm)Width: 21 in (53.4 cm)Depth: 25.7 in (65.3 cm)

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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