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Magnetic Instrumentation manufactures Hall Effect Probes in a wide range of styles and sizes. Probes are supplied with magnetic, electrical, temperature stability and calibration data for each measurement range.


Transverse (Flat) Probe
Transverse Probes are used to measure magnetic fields perpendicular to their flat surfaces, and are available in thicknesses of 0.015 inch (.038 cm) to 0.080 inch (.203 cm). The Model 025 and Model 039 Probes have fiberglass/epoxy sleeves protecting the sensitive Hall element.

Axial Probes
Axial Probes are used to measure magnetic fields parallel to the probe handle, such as the field in a solenoid. The Hall element is located at the tip of the Probe. The Axial Probes are available in diameters of 0.098 inch (.248 cm) to 0.312 inch (.729 cm).

Ruggedized Probes
Ruggedized (R) Probes styles are available for use in harsh environments. They are enclosed in brass for protection against damage.

Probes for Special Applications
Magnetic Instrumentation can manufacture special Probes to satisfy magnetic measuring requirements not covered by our standard Probes. Contact our magnetics applications engineers for assistance.

High Field Probes
High Field Transverse and Axial Probes are available for measurement of fields up to 100 Kilogauss (10 Tesla).

Differential Probes
Probes for differential measurement applications, such as measuring field gradients, are available. The Model 913 Differential Adapter is used to adapt Probes to the Model 912 Gaussmeter or Model 912T Teslameter. Probes can be used separately, as regular field Probes, or together to measure gradient or the differences between two separate fields. Spacer blocks for precise positioning of probes are available.

The temperature characteristics will vary slightly between individual Probes and Probe types. The maximum change that can be expected is approximately .08% per °C. All Probes may be used in the temperature range of -60°C to +84°C (-76°F to +183oF).

All Hall Effect Probes are furnished with 6 feet (1.82 meters) of connecting cable and mating connectors for the model with which they will be used. Extension cables are available.

The Gaussmeter or Teslameter model number and the Probe type number are used as the model number of the complete Probe. Example: A type 020 Probe for use with a Model 912 Gaussmeter would be a Model 912-020 Probe. Hall Probes for the Model 750A and 750D require the serial number of the Gaussmeter.

When ordering, use model number of Gaussmeter as prefix i.e. 906-039, 7305-709, 912-100R, etc., R = Ruggedized, Model 750’s require S/N and old connector:

Gaussmeter Axial Hall Probes


Gaussmeter Transverse Hall Probes

TxW ±.002”±.010”ModelRange
TxW ±.002”±.010”
01510.015” x .080”75310.032” x .125”
02010.020” x .125”75510.040” x .155”
02510.025” x .203”756R10.060” x .200”
035R10.035” x .120”757R100.080” x .300”
03910.039” x .150”758R30.080” x .300”
039R10.056” x .170”

Special Hall Probes quoted on request. Probe Extension Cable (up to 15′) Specify type of Gaussmeter when ordering cable.

* Specifications subject to change without notice