ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Model 2100 Gaussmeter/Teslameter

The Model 2100 is designed to allow maximum flexibility in the use of Hall Probes. Probes supplied for the Model 2100 use a memory chip (EEPROM) that automatically allows the Model 2100 to correct for Hall Probe Element inaccuracies. Probes incorporating temperature sensors are also available. These probes will provide automatic temperature compensation in conjunction with the user defined Hall Probe Temperature Correction feature. The Model 2100 is compatible with probes not using a memory chip (EEPROM). Eight selectable Hall Probe Excitation Currents are available. With a simple connector conversion and a new calibration number, many probes manufactured by Magnetic Instrumentation can be used with this unit without returning it to our factory. However, for optimum accuracy, the probe can be returned for installation of a memory chip (EEPROM). Magnetic Instrumentation offers a wide selection of both axial and transverse probes to measure many different magnet configurations. A Probe Data Sheet is available on request.


Accuracy: DC Specifications ± (% of reading + % of Range)

RangeDesign Spec.Certified ToRangeDesign Spec.Certified To
300 kG0.050+0.0200.100+0.0503000 G0.060+0.0200.120+0.050
30 kG0.050+0.0200.100+0.050300 G0.080+0.0200.160+0.050

AC (RMS) Specification ± (% of reading + % of Range) (Depending on hall probe frequency response)

Range10 Hz – 20 Hz20 Hz – 100 HzFrequency: 100 Hz-1000Hz1000 Hz – 5000 Hz5000 Hz – 20 kHz
300 kG1.400+0.5000.700+0.5000.700+0.5000.700+0.5000.800+0.500
30 kG1.400+0.5000.700+0.5000.700+0.5000.700+0.500~
3000 G1.600+0.5000.900+0.5000.900+0.500~~
300 G2.00+0.5001.300+0.500~~~

PEAK MODE Specifications ± (% of reading + % of Range)

RangeRise Time to Peak >
1000 Micro-seconds
200 to 1000
100 to 200
300 kG0.700+0.2000.800+0.2000.900+0.200
30 kG0.700+0.2000.900+0.2001.000+0.200
3000 G0.900+0.3001.000+0.3001.500+0.300

Probe Current Specifications ± (% of value)

ValueDesign Spec.Certified ToValueDesign Spec.Certifed To
100 mA0.0500.080-100mA0.1000.130
50 mA0.0600.090-50 mA0.1100.140
25 mA0.0700.100-25 mA0.1200.150
12.5 mA0.0800.110-12.5 mA0.1300.160

Average Time Constant (Display Rate):  This interval may be set from 100 ms to 2500 ms, in 100 ms intervals. (0.4 to 10 Times Per second)

Display Resolution:  4 3/4 Digits (1 part out of 32,000)

Operating Temperature Range:  0°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature Range:  -20°C to +70°C

Temperature: ±1.0°C + Accuracy of probe thermistor

Analog Output: ±2% of reading + 10mV + accuracy of selected function

Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 220 VAC @10W, or ±9VDC @5W Operation

Dimensions: Length 12.00 In. (305 mm) Width 6.70 In. (170 mm) Height 2.25 In (57 mm)

Weight: 6 Lbs. (2.7 kg, not including probe)

Display Resolution: 4 3/4 Digits (1 part out of 32,000)

* Specifications subject to change without notice

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