ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Calibration & Demag.

Our calibration and demagnetizing models are easily adapted to a wide range of production and laboratory demagnetizing requirements. Our team will gladly provide the right calibration or demagnetizing product for your company’s needs. Regardless of line voltage stability, these models provide a controlled output through continuous pulse amplitude regulation. The fixtures are designed to provide the field shape, direction, and intensity to accommodate a specific magnet. Additionally, fixtures that simulate certain magnetic circuits are available. Both air core and steel core fixtures are commonly used. They range from medium to high energy depending on the model.

These models offer

  • An easy-to-read front panel meter monitors the capacitor voltage
  • Energy storage levels that can be easily changed in the field
  • Integral electrical interlock and fail-safe circuitry provide a high degree of operator safety
  • High resolution
  • High speed production operation

Model 990A/990C: The Model 990 Series Magnetreaters® are highly accurate, pulse type, ringing demagnetizers (also called treaters) for the controlled stabilization of permanent magnets and permanent magnet assemblies.

The Model 5655 offers a variety of features including, single fixture design, Bipolar charging capability, external booster bank chassis option and more.

Model 8515-D is a modern solid-state electronic control circuit, coupled with a rugged, heavy-duty discharge SCR and fixture, make this demagnetizer a highly reliable, low maintenance unit.