ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Model 5655

The model 5655 is a capacitive-discharge magnetizer / demagnetizer / calibration unit.


  • 1000 Volt maximum capacitor bank voltage
  • Capacitor bank voltage resolution: (Standard : 0.25V) (Hi-Res : 0.1V)
  • Capacitor bank voltage repeatability: 0.1V
  • Internal 200 uF capacitor
  • External booster bank chassis options
  • 100J energy capability
  • 2.3 second charge time to 1000V (100J)
  • 0.85 second charge time to 707V (50J)
  • Bipolar charging capability
  • Single Fixture Design
  • 5000A maximum output current
  • Sine, sine/exponential, ringing output current options
  • External connector for optional additional capacitance
  • Internal DL06 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • External “Controls On” connector for an emergency-stop that will cause the capacitor bank to drain and no capacitor bank charging to be allowed. (PLC will remain on.)
  • Over voltage (>1000V) protection
  • Sensors to ensure that a fixture connector and external capacitor bank connector are connected to the unit before allowing capacitor bank charging.
  • 115VAC input voltage w/ 2 A slow-blow fuse.
  • 19” rack-mount x 4U tall case.
  • Industry standard MODBUS interface using RS-485, RS-422, or RS-232
M5655Base Model
M5655ACurrent Sensor
M5655BCurrent Sensor
External SCR Control
M5655CCurrent Sensor
External SCR Control
Fixture Sharing
M5655/HRHigh Resolution
M5655/HR/MRHigh Resolution
Mag Reversal

* Specifications subject to change without notice