ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Model 907A/908A Hand-Held Gaussmeter

The Model 907A and Model 908A Gaussmeters have been designed and manufactured with more than 30 years experience in magnetic measurement. This experience, along with our extensive knowledge of the magnetics market, has enabled us to offer an instrument incorporating all of the measurement functions a user is ever likely to need. The Model 907A & 908A are controlled by a simple menu and supplied with a thin, semi-flexible Transverse Hall Probe suitable for all but the very smallest of applications.

The Model 907A and 908A incorporates an Analog Peak Detector for the DC and AC peak functions. This, coupled with the microprocessor operation of the Model 907A & 908A, means that fast response is possible with digital stability (fast pulses/no droop in readings).

The Model 907A and Model 908A microprocessor controlled Gaussmeters offer sophisticated measuring functions with selectable units in a simple-to-use, menu-driven, hand-held package.

The 907A and 908A are designed for factory floor, incoming inspection/quality assurance, and laboratory measurement of Magnetic Flux Density and Magnetic Field Strength in SI or CGS units. The polarity, measurement value, measurement units, and measurement functions are displayed on a two-line, sixteen-character, dot matrix, liquid crystal display.


The 907A is ideal for inspection and measurement of magnetic flux density of magnets and magnet assemblies in both incoming inspection and Quality Assurance environments. Where individual measurements need to be recorded the Model 908A will store and upload the measured values, polarity, measurement units and measurement function, in addition to the time at which the measurement was taken.

A “Units” selection to change between Tesla, Amps/m, Gauss and Oersted.
A “Capture” option. This enables you to choose between storing, recalling and holding readings in memory.
The “Utilities” option enables you to choose between a number of lesser used functions such as Null (Zeroing), self calibration process, control of automatic power down timing and even a language option (including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

In addition to possessing all of the functions of the Model 907A, the Model 908A also possesses additional features:

  • Possesses an RS232 interface including an adapter to provide RS232 communication for uploading measurement data to a host computer
  • Remotely controllable through the RS232 link. The software supplied to enable this feature is for an IBM PC
  • Incorporates a non-volatile memory to enable the retention of stored values even when switched off
  • Incorporates a time keeping device so that the time when data has been stored can also be recorded
  • Possesses an eternal PSU for bench-top applications

Both the Model 907K (Kit) and the Model 908K (Kit) are supplied with a transverse Hall Probe as standard. The design of the Hall probe is critical to the satisfactory operation of any Gaussmeter. For the Model 907A and Model 908A we have used our extensive industrial experience to produce a transverse Hall probe, which is semi-flexible and only 1 mm thick by 4 mm wide. This enables operators to take measurements in tight spaces and narrow air gaps. In addition, the sensitive Hall element is clearly visible so that the user knows exactly where the measurement is being made. The probe is fitted with a push button enabling the operator to HOLD and STORE measurements, and to orient the probe for polarity readings. An axial probe is also available as an optional extra; This is only 5 mm in diameter and also incorporates a push button for HOLD and STORE functions. All transverse and axial probes are fully interchangeable on both the Model 907A and Model 908A without the need for re-calibration.

AUTO AND MANUAL RANGING: Measurements can be made in Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m or Oersted. (1mT = 10 Gauss = 0.796 kA/m)Accuracy (at 20° C):  ± 1% Reproducibility ± 0.5%Temperature Coefficient:  Better than ± 0.1% of reading / oC including probe


Frequency Range:  DC and 15Hz to 10 kHz

Averaging Time Constant:  100 milliseconds

Functions:  DC, DC Peak, AC RMS, AC RMS MAX, AC PEAK

Display:  2 line, 16 character dot matrix LCD

Display Sampling Rate:  3/sec (approx.)

Operating Temp. Range:  0°C to +50°C

Storage Temp. Range: -20°C to +70°C

Range 1:
0 – to more than 30,000 Gauss — Resolution 10 Gauss
0 – to more than 3 Tesla — Resolution 1 milli Tesla

Range 2:
0 – 3,000 Gauss — Resolution 1 Gauss
0 – 299.9 milli Tesla — Resolution 100 micro Tesla

Range 3:
0 – 300 Gauss — Resolution .1 Gauss
0 – 29.99 milli Tesla — Resolution 10 micro Tesla

Range 4 :
0 – 30 Gauss — Resolution .02 Gauss
0 – 2.999 milli Tesla — Resolution 2 micro Tesla

Battery Type and Life: 9V Long life Alkaline (Duracell MN1604) or similar (not supplied). Battery Life Approximately 15 Hours continuous operation. Auto Power-down after 1, 4 or 10 minutes or can be disabled, all under menu control. Facilities:  Store and Recall on 0 – 99 samples. Hold facility. Analog Peak with digital storage. Auto and manual ranges. Automatic reading conversion between different units. Operating set up at time of power-down is stored and recalled automatically at power-on. Utilities etc. functions are selected with an easy-to-use menu.Dimensions:  Length 7.72 in (196 mm) Width 3.94 in (100 mm) Height 1.57 in (40 mm)


Weight (inc. battery):  14 Ounces (400g not including probe)

Standard Accessories:  Transverse Hall Probe, Zero Flux Chamber, and Carrying Case

Optional Accessories:  Axial Probe (Ref AP002). Replacement Transverse Probe (Ref TP002). Reference Magnets Axial and Transverse – contact factory for details.


  • RS232: Used for data transfer and remote control. BAUD rate 300 to 4,800. Software Handshaking.
  • Non Volatile Memory: The Model 908A will retain stored measurements for up to 2 months after the Model 908A is switched off.
  • External PSU Socket: The External PSU (not supplied) may be used to power the Model 908A when used in bench top applications.