Custom Systems

Since the late 1970’s, our organization has developed countless production, laboratory, and prototype magnetizing solutions for every industry that utilizes both permanent magnet and soft magnetic materials. With expertise in magnetizing, testing, in-process verification, and support equipment, we can assist with all your magnetic and part-handling needs.

We manufacture an entire voltage range for capacitive discharge magnetizing systems (425 VDC, 850 VDC, 2000 VDC, 3000 VDC, 3300 VDC, and 4000 VDC). Our recommendations for your applications are based upon required energy, cycle-rate, system versatility, and ease of expansion for future applications if required. We will design to specific system requirements (e.g. all PLC control). However, our equipment typically uses standard, readily-available components. Allen Bradley or Siemens PLCs are typically used to ensure both ease of use and cost-effectiveness when dealing with spare parts.

Custom Engineered Systems may include
(but are not limited to):

  • Flux Density or Total Flux Measurements With Accept/Reject Acknowledgement
  • Programmable Logic Controller or Microprocessor Based Systems
  • Capacitance Switching
  • Multiple Discharge Functions for Multiple Fixtures or Magnetizing/Calibration Applications
  • Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Compensation (Water/Air Cooling)
  • Data Collection and SPC Analysis
  • Current Monitoring
  • Automated Part Handling

Custom Examples