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Standard Magnetizers

Our world class magnetizers, when used with proper fixturing, are capable of saturating virtually all sizes and configurations of magnetic assemblies

The selection of a magnetizing system begins with an analysis of the production requirements, including magnet material, magnet size, magnetizing orientation, number of poles, production speed, magnet measuring, and other operations that are necessary. After careful evaluations of these factors, and reviews of samples and/or drawings, our application engineers can recommend a system that will meet your requirements. 

Our standard magnetizers include Capacitive DischargeDC Electro-MagnetHalf-Cycle and Permanent Magnet Magnetizing Systems. This equipment ranges in size from small table top units suited for laboratory or low volume applications, to large high-speed automated systems for use in production environments. With energy capacities ranging from 100 Joules to over 100 kiloJoules, our magnetizers can be used to process any of the permanent magnet materials on the market today.

At Magnetic Instrumentation we focus on working with our customers to meet their specific needs rather than trying to find a generic solution from a restricted product line. With applications ranging from magnetizing simple individual 2-pole magnets to large multi-pole magnetic structures, our engineering staff is dedicated to working closely with you to put together custom engineered solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Our standard magnetizers, when used with proper fixturing, are capable of saturating virtually all sizes and configurations of permanent magnet assemblies, including: PM motors, loudspeakers, linear actuators, magnetrons, TWT magnets, torque motors, and relays. Within the broad energy range are magnetizers ideally suited for all magnet materials, including rare earth magnets and assemblies and large-volume Alnico assemblies requiring long high-energy pulses for saturation.

The Model 900 Series Magnetizer is a high energy, industrial-grade, capacitive discharge magnetizer with a maximum operating voltage of 825VDC. This unit provides the latest technology in magnetizing systems. When used with proper fixturing, is capable of saturating virtually all sizes and configurations of permanent magnet assemblies. Learn more…

The Model 2000 Series Magnetizer is a 2000VDC, high-energy, capacitive discharge, heavy-duty, industrial magnetizer. The unit has many safety features including electrical door interlocks, mechanically interlocked disconnect, thermal protectors, and an emergency stop button.

The Model 3000 is CE compliant ant the most cost-effective option. The unit utilizes metal capacitors, which are rated at 107discharges.Like the Model 2000, the unit has many of the same safety features including drain circuitry.

The Model 7515A is a medium-energy, low voltage, capacitor discharge type magnetizer, capable of saturating all Alnico and Barium Ferrite magnetic materials. It offers and easy to read front panel meter monitors the capacitor voltage and an easily changed energy storage level.

The Model 8515 is a medium-energy, high voltage, capacitor discharge type magnetizer capable of saturating Ceramic and Rare Earth magnetic materials. Similar to Model 7515A, it has an easily read front panel meter and an integral electrical interlock and fail-safe circuitry for operator safety.

The Model 942B is a high-voltage magnetizer capable of saturating large volumes of Alnico, Barium Ferrite, and Rare Earth materials. Modern solid-state electronic control circuitry, coupled with a heavy-duty discharge SCR and fixture, make this magnetizer a highly reliable, low maintenance unit.