ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Measurement & Testing

Each of the standard systems are available in a variety of configurations and sizes for optimum performance.

An easy-to-use menu will allow access to user defined parameters such as sample thickness, sample volume, and calibration constants. Depending on the model, it will also define parameter for upper and lower alarm limits, relative measurements, and several others. For each model the computer and system electronics are built into an attractive, floor-standing rack cabinet, making for a small footprint and better protection of the system hardware from ambient conditions. Forced air ventilation is standard and air conditioning for the enclosure is available. The software runs under Microsoft Windows™ and can display data in the SI and CGS unit systems.

We Ensure Each Product Has

  • Many Standard Values Available
  • A High Degree of Stability
  • A Simple, Easy-to-Use, Fast System
  • Highly Reliable, Repeatable Processor