ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Model HG-700 Hysteresigraph

The Model HG-700 is a computer-automated, magnetic Hysteresigraph system for measuring the magnetization and demagnetization curves on all types of permanent magnet materials including: hard ferrite, rare earth-cobalt, Nd-Fe-B (Neo), and bonded magnets.

This product line of modern instruments is an evolution of the HG-500 and HG-600 systems, and is designed specifically for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. With appropriate fixtures, measurements can be made over the temperature range -100°C to +300°C.


Each instrument includes a microcomputer and HG-700 User Interface Program. The computer and system electronics are built into an attractive, floor-standing 19” rack cabinet, making for a small footprint and better protection of the system hardware from ambient conditions. Forced air ventilation is standard; air conditioning for the enclosure is available. The software runs under Microsoft WindowsTM and can display data in the SI and cgs unit systems. Curves are displayed on screen and measured curves can be printed in color, singly or up to 14 simultaneously on one graph. The test parameters for each measurement are set by the user in software and can be saved as “setup” files. The data and setup files are stored in non-proprietary, comma-separated ASCII file format.

Output with flexible scaling includes a color paper plot of the measured data with user-selectable scales, data tables on screen and in printed form, and data files in ASCII format.

All standard systems have high-performance, water-cooled laboratory electromagnets (Ems) available in a variety of configurations and sizes for optimum performance in each particular installation. A water flow switch and thermal interlocks in the EM coils provide over-temperature protection. To complement the electromagnets, there is a selection of low-noise, high-stability current regulated electronic power supplies, each with automatic and manual current/field control capability.

The system includes two high-stability digital fluxmeters and a digital gaussmeter, resulting in very accurate calibrations and low drift during the measurements. The fluxmeters have automatic drift compensation. 16-bit A/D data collection in the fluxmeters and gaussmeter results in measurement resolutions of approximately 1 Gauss (0.1 mT) for B and 1 Oersted (80 A/m) for H. Internal system communication is via USB buss.

All systems meet the specifications of ASTM A977 and IEC 60404-5 when used with appropriate measurement fixtures and coil sets.

System calibration is certified traceable to the United States National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). KJS/MI can provide high-purity nickel or permanent magnet reference standard materials, as required.

All systems include a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. KJS Associates/Magnetic Instrumentation provides factory training and service throughout the world.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice