ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Precision Helmholtz Coils

Model HCP Precision Helmholtz Coil Series With Rotator

A precision Helmholtz coil set is suitable for use with all types of permanent magnets. Constructed out of aluminum and brass with fully shielded coils, the HCP is a hand-operated, sample rotation mechanism with precise 180-degree rotation built in. Sample loading is quick and easy, using a simple hand-operated clamp. The sample holder can be changed to accommodate various sizes and shapes of different magnets. This coil set can be used to test the magnetization of sintered ferrite, Nd-Fe-B (“Neo”), sintered rare earth magnets, bonded magnets, and other magnet types. Includes certification of coil constant. The HCP is recommended for use with the Magnetic Instrumentation Model 2130 Fluxmeter Measurement System.